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Who is kit harington dating

Who is kit harington dating

Who is Kit Harington Dating? Who are Kit Harington's Hookups and Love Affairs? What is Kit Harington's relationship status?

Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke's Friendship Is Founded on Dirty Jokes and Awkward Kissing

Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington have developed a close relationship of the course of eight seasons of Game of Thrones. From dating rumors. Kit Harington and Rose Leslie starred on HBO's "Game of Thrones" as well and got married on June 23, after dating for several years. When fans found out Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington wasn't dating his on-​screen beau, Emilia Clarke, they were devastated. While the.

The fascination with all-things Jon Snow extends to Kit Haringtonthe cute year-old British actor who flawlessly portrayed the Commander. Is it any wonder he has been linked to several famous women — some of whom have been confirmed as his actual past girlfriends and others who would be insane not to marry him right this minute because After publicly dating for about a year, breaking up, and then getting back together, the co-stars agreed to split for good.

Fortunately, Harington and Leslie have somehow managed to remain friends, which harington dating proves they're both so cool they actually belong together. The year-old quickly killed those rumors by revealing to the Belfast Telegraph that kissing Harington wasn't exactly the sexiest moment in her life: "We became good friends before we ever had to shoot a real love scene, because for most of the movie it's all stolen glances.

Despite claims that Clarke and Harington are being cautious because of their conflicting schedules, neither party has confirmed they are actually in a relationship, but fingers everywhere remain crossed because they'd make a super-cute pair. All we know right now is that she sometimes has red hair, which may or may not make her his type, and that both she and Harington were spotted having dinner together in Toronto way back inwhen a Twitter user was able to post a photo with them and ignite a bit of fun gossip.

A few things immediately shut down this rumor: McAdams is linked to everyone, Harington was reportedly dating Leslie at the time, and — most importantly — the two were having dinner with a group of friends. Now that he's poised to become a huge star, expect to hear a few more names added to the list of women Harington has maybe loved, maybe not.