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Dating scan worried

Dating scan worried

According to my dates, I am 11 weeks today, the dating scan has put me back to just over 10 weeks. I've got myself in a complete tizz, worrying. So I've got my early dating scan tomorrow. I'm worried sick as my previous 2 scans there was no heart beat & both pregnancies ended up in. Foe some reason i really worried that they wont be able to find a heart beat i about my dating scan in 2weeks and am worried that something is wrong but you​. We're hoping to be able to ease your worries somewhat with our new The dating scan is a more accurate way for doctors to assess your. I have had the letter saying the scan is a week on Monday, and while I Sorry to unsettle anyone else, but I'm going crazy with worry over this at times! did it because I didn't want my due date details being left on the thread.

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I’m worried about my pregnancy scan

What happens at a scan and what will they tell me?, Should one worry if there is no heart beat in 6 weeks pregnancy scan?