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Pubg ping based matchmaking

Pubg ping based matchmaking

General Is matching done by ping? The matching pool was separated according to ping to create a better play environment and to improve server stability The update to have the ping match the lowest players first in the same server was on February 22, In addition, we will organize and guide you with questions you may have. It is still possible to play a game with a player who is playing a game in an area with ping differences.

What are the criteria for matchmaking if I play with a player who lives in another region? A match is formed based on the player with the highest ping in the party, ie, the player with a poor line. Matches users with similar pings in the server and does not match players with very different line states.

Any words about ping-based matchmaking?

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is Moving to Ping-Based Matchmaking While Plane Drop Mechanics are Changing. Posted on February Theres needs to be Ping Based Matchmaking. Roughly The best thing to do, would be to look at how PUBG managed to take away Server Select & how they.