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Dating quest utility systems

Dating quest utility systems

Learn how and when to remove this template message Quest Development Corporation was a small, privately held software development company founded by serial entrepreneur Kevin Azzouz in San Luis Obispo, California that primarily developed backup and storage management software which was licensed as The Norton Backup to Symantec Corporation in the late s and early s.

Quest retained exclusive ownership of all source code it developed, while Symantec retained exclusive marketing rights over the software. The relationship between Fifth Generation Systems and the principals of Quest was not always harmonious; it spawned litigation with Quest prevailing after the discovery process led to dismissal by the court.

In JanuaryQuest paid Symantec to terminate their development contract, then immediately licensed their backup software to several tape-drive vendors, a step that generated a substantial amount of revenue. These funds allowed Azzouz and Mengwall to position the company for a merger, in spite of severe restrictions that Symantec had placed on Quest as part of their separation agreement.

Although Symantec had produced a long list of specifically named companies that were effectively taken off the dating quest utility systems as merger partners, company leaders at Symantec led by Enrique Salem failed to see the potential competition from a hardware company such as Conner Peripheralsand so Azzouz and Mengwall were able to arrange a merger between Quest and the Conner software division, Conner Software of Lake Mary, Floridathe producer of Backup Execto form Arcada Software.

Astora Software was the name given to the transitional company that was formed after Quest bought out its development contract with Symantec, but before the founding of its successor company, Arcada.

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