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Earth age dating

Earth age dating

Before so-called radiometric dating, Earth's age was anybody's guess. Our planet was pegged at a youthful few thousand years old by Bible. Those dating methodologies didn't hold up to modern science, as it “It is perhaps a little indelicate to ask of our Mother Earth her age,” he.

In addition, mineral grains zircon with U-Pb ages of 4. The Moon is a more primitive planet than Earth because it has not been disturbed by plate tectonics; thus, some of its more ancient rocks are more plentiful.

Only a small number of rocks were returned to Earth by the six Apollo and three Luna missions. These rocks vary greatly in age, a reflection of their different ages of formation and their subsequent histories. The oldest dated moon rocks, however, have ages between 4. Thousands of meteorites, which are fragments of asteroids that fall to Earth, have been recovered.

These primitive objects provide the best ages for the time of formation of the Solar System.