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Sean lowe dating app

Sean lowe dating app

Recently Lowe joined in on a special mini episode of Bustle's Bachelor podcastand he spilled all the deets about how the idea of setting friends up made the dating app come to life. In case you forgot, Lowe and his now-wife Catherine met and fell in love during his season of The Bachelor. But, that happened back inbefore the craze of Tinder and the sean lowe dating app really exploded.

And, though Lowe is obviously happy with his life and his wife, he says he's sad he missed out on "the joyous experience of swiping right or doing any of these other things you do on dating apps.

So, Lowe and his friends decided to turn the whole idea on its head by taking the process out of the dater's hands and placing it into the hands of people he or she knows and trusts — basically giving him and Catherine and other non-singletons a way to still use a dating app and get in on that so-called "joyous experience" by helping their friends.

According to the app's press release, this is how Vouch works: You nominate the people closest to you to become your "Vouchers" who will connect you with other singles just like they would in real life. So now all of Lowe's single, but totally-dateable friends struggling to meet people on their own have somewhere to turn. If you think Vouch sounds like an exciting change in pace from the regular "swipe right, swipe left" dating apps that seem to be flooding the market, you can check it out for yourself now in the app store.

Bachelor Star Sean Lowe Launches Dating App

Bachelor dating app, If you are looking for love, the Bachelor dating app launched by former reality television star Sean Lowe and his wife Catherine Giudici Lowe could The Bachelor dating app promises "better matches, higher success rates, less time wasted" as a result. Although it hasn't been released yet, Vouch will certainly appeal to many fans of The Bachelor.

If you agree, you're in luck, because former Bachelor Sean Lowe has launched a dating app, Vouch, with three of his friends, Kevin Tinkle. Dating doesn't have to be so lonely. Let your friends swipe for you. Download Vouch for free on iOS today!