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Gg dating nema

Gg dating nema

But who is Nema Vand gg dating nema nowoutside of Shahs of Sunset? So far this season, viewers have seen Nema almost kiss GG and then gg dating nema his longtime girlfriend, Erica Saunders, about it. She told Nema that because of the almost kiss, she wanted to take a break from their relationship.

Of course that potentially leaves the door open for Nema and GG to pursue something together. Regardless of where Nema and Erica stand, however, she and Mona seem to remain good friends.

So even if Nema and Erica are done for good, which they seem to be, she may still be coming around because of her friendship with Mona. It may not be the best case scenario for Nema, especially if he starts seeing someone new — but it would probably make for good TV. Going back further on his Instagram, there is evidence that he and Erica were dating since at least So even if he did almost throw that away to kiss a virtual stranger, it was still a long-term and serious relationship.

Newbie Nema Vand's girlfriend Erica told him that she wants to take a break after he revealed that he almost kissed Golnesa "GG". Is Mike Shouhed dating Dr. Mona Vand, Nema's sister on "Shahs of Even with GG as a distraction Nema told Bravo that Mona and Mike's. Golnesa 'GG' Gharachedaghi has talked about her difficult past with She is now a star: GG seen with Nema Vand on an episode of Shahs.